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The California Exchange

The California Exchange (Cal-X) project logo

The California Exchange project logo

The California Exchange (Cal-X) initiative addressed the need for a data and information exchange that interoperates with other Health Information Exchanges and Public Health applications. Cal-X was intended to provide the fundamental infrastructure for public and population health upon which National and Regional Health Information Organizations could be built. Future plans included support for medical surge, mass evacuation/shelter and mass care/response in support of the National Response Framework.

I was responsible for the Cal-X branding, and for the design and front-end development of their Partner Gateway (a SaaS web application) and informational website.

Cal-X Logo (and runners-up)

Cal-X logo design iterations
Final logo w earlier iterations

Cal-X Partner Gateway (Web App)

Cal-X Gateway Web Application (Login Screen) design
Cal-X Gateway Web Application (Homepage) design
Cal-X Gateway Web Application (Application Catalog) design
Application Catalog
Cal-X Gateway Web Application (EULA) design
EULA Website

The California Exchange (Cal-X) informational site design
The California Exchange informational website

The Old Partner Gateway I Replaced

Cal-X Gateway Web Application (original)
Original Web App