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Wealth Masters New Product Development

Wealth Masters m1 Box Set design

Wealth Masters International rebranding and educational box sets design

Wealth Masters International (WMI) was a company committed to helping improve your “Wealth, Health and Wisdom”, with emphasis on financial education.

Hired to lipstick their legacy product, the owners of WMI were none too pleased when I (originally) told them they should instead allow me to rebrand and rebuild their company, ground up.

…Until I showed them a roadmap for their future.

In the end, I managed a total overhaul of WMI. My efforts included an updated corporate and product identity solution, a new line of financial education and personal development products (namely the “m1” and “mPower” box sets, including a 100-day curriculum and day planner), and associated marketing materials [digital and traditional].

The m1 Masters Program was the cornerstone of the WMI financial education and personal development system. The CD and DVD materials included basic financial literacy information unavailable in the traditional public education system, plus advanced concepts in banking, incorporation, asset protection, tax strategies, credit principles, and global currency and economic policies that impacted an individual’s personal finances. In addition, the curriculum also included content on fitness, nutrition, and personal development to provide the user with a holistic, step-by-step approach to experience measurable improvements in quality of life as they complete the course. It was coined “The 1% Solution”, because if you commit to 1% improvement (each day for 100 days), your life would be 100% better.

The introductory mPower Program was created as an entry-level companion, for those customers only looking for a taste. This product allowed purchasers to experience the first 30 days of the m1 curriculum at a dramatically lower entry cost.


Wealth Masters International m1 box set

m1 Masters program “100 Days To Wealth, Health, & Wisdom”

Wealth Masters International mPower Box Set design

mPower program: “100 Days To Wealth, Health, & Wisdom” (a 30-day introduction)

Wealth Masters Day Planner design

Day Planner, example pages