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Christie Brio Software

Brio Google Play Store Tile design

App Tile for Google Play Store

The business challenge? Jump into the Meeting Management market and become a major player overnight.

…Oh, and the solution must support Windows, Android, and Apple devices.

…Oh, and it must follow the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Enter Christie Brio.

Designed to address common meeting, classroom and lab technology challenges, Brio solutions enable work colleagues, teachers and students to wirelessly present, share and interact with each other – within the same room or across multiple locations, in real-time. Created with the user in mind, Brios are easy to install and use. Once a user connects their computer, smart phone, or tablet to a unit, sharing content is quick and effortless. Brio automatically coordinates and displays up to 5 simultaneous video and audio presentations on meeting room screens, providing true user experience and a think tank environment for the many institutions who use them.

I led the UX and UI for this new product development, from the concept to the shelf.

Brio Splash Screen Design

Meeting Room Panel – Connect Screen


Brio How To Connect web page design

Web Site – How To Connect


Brio Website User Flow: Step 0 design

Web App – Default Landing Page


Brio Website User Flow: Step 7 design

Web App – Hosting A Meeting


Brio Touch Screen Application Meeting Manager

Touchscreen App – Meeting Manager Open


Brio Google Play Store Tile design

Mobile App – Google Play Store Tile


Brio Android application icon design

Mobile App – Icon


Brio Android App Landing Screen design for Lollipop

Mobile App – Landing


Brio Android application landing screen for KitKat

Mobile App – Landing (KitKat)